The National Day of Prayer

This year, May 4 marks the annual National Day of Prayer in the United States. For many people in addiction recovery, it is a meaningful time to connect with their spiritual path, however they choose to define it. The opportunity to put positive intention toward something important in life is available every day in recovery, but on the National Day of Prayer, the invitation is to do this in the form of supplication and/or meditation throughout the day.

“In early recovery, it is important for people to feel empowered to take advantage of every opportunity to further their understanding of themselves and figure out who they are on every level. Spiritual growth and exploration can play a key role in that process, and the National Day of Prayer can be a great way to continue that expression for some and the perfect day to start for others,” said Joy Sutton, American Addictions Centers, Public Relations Manager.

The Role of Faith in Recovery

Faith and prayer can play an enormous role in the exploration of self in recovery. A deeply personal expression, it will almost always grow and evolve over time, being a very different experience in the first few weeks of sobriety as compared to later months and years. When woven into a comprehensive and personalized medical treatment program, it can texturize and define a broader and stronger foundation in recovery that will inform a more meaningful understanding of one’s place in the world as a sober person.

At American Addiction Centers (AAC), the focus of treatment is on the provision of a uniquely tailored program defined by scientific-based therapies and expanded with positive spiritual and psychological exploration, which can be experienced through prayer and meditation. On the National Day of Prayer, AAC emphasizes their support of all different faiths and expressions of spirituality within the context of a holistic treatment program that allows all clients to identify and address their personal needs and goals in recovery with the support of experienced substance abuse treatment professionals.

All faiths have something positive to offer to addiction recovery. American Addiction Centers works hard to support all those who embark on this process of self-discovery in sober life on both the National Day of Prayer and every day.

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