Smoking heroin doesn’t only affect the brain of users, but the whole body. People who smoke heroin experience feelings of intense euphoria and high. It’s usually these feelings that make them chase after this drug constantly.

Are you eager to know how smoking heroin affects your brain and body? What are the risk and side effects of smoking heroin? The consequences of smoking heroin can be devastating for the users’ health. We explain more here, and invite you to post any questions in the comments section at the end of the page. We always try to answer personally and promptly.

What does smoking heroin do to you?

One of the most popular ways of using the drug, besides injecting and snorting heroin, is smoking it. This type of administration is known under the term “chasing the dragon”. Smoking heroin involves vaporizing the drug and inhaling the fumes without burning it, and breathing in the actual smoke.

Many first time users begin by snorting or smoking heroin because they wish to avoid the social stigma attached to injecting drugs. These users are often deceived that smoking heroin won’t lead them to addiction. People also take heroin by smoking because it makes the drug less detectable in the blood.

In an experiment done to explore how smoking heroin affects users, two volunteers agreed to take part in it. The experiment was done in controlled clinical conditions were a computer-assisted smoking device was utilized to deliver single puffs of heroin vapor to human subjects. According to the results, heroin appeared rapidly in blood after administration and peaked five minutes after smoking. Physical manifestations of heroin were also observed, and the effects showed dilated pupils followed by hysteresis. This experiment showed that smoking heroin enables individuals to obtain similar pharmacological effects to those produced by intravenous administration of heroin.

Does smoking heroin work or get you high?

Yes. Smoking heroin can get you high.

When smoked, heroin works in the body and brain by attaching to opiate receptors and creates a massive surge of dopamine. This gives the user an intense feeling of euphoria and high. People who take heroin almost feel as nothing can stop them, they experience a sense of power and increased self esteem. Heroin users who continue to use this drug are constantly chasing that high with every following dose.

Smoking heroin side effects

As the user continues to take heroin the pleasurable effects become overshadowed by a number of undesired side effects. Smoking heroin side effects occur due to the body’s adaptation to the drug. Heroin smokers may experience numerous side effects, including the following:

  • bluish lips hands and feet
  • confusion
  • dilated pupils
  • dry mouth
  • itchy skin
  • light sensitivity
  • low body temperature
  • nausea and vomiting
  • slowed respiration and heart rate

Smoking heroin on tin foil

Heroin can be smoked from glass pipes, as many other abused drugs, or it can be smoked off a sheet of aluminium foil. The logic behind smoking heroin on tin foil is that aluminium is a surface with a low heat capacity. Then, a flame that is applied to the foil from below. The idea is to heat the heroin until it starts to boil. This vapor is then inhaled with the help of a tube.

Smoking heroin with weed

Combining cannabis and heroin is also known as lacing. When combined, heroin and marijuana have complimentary effects.

It is unlikely that a person who smokes heroin would roll a joint and sprinkle it with heroin. Instead, lacing is most commonly done by marijuana dealers. The most common reason are selling cannabis with a lower THC level, or getting customers hooked on something more than just weed, in order to maximize profitability.

In order to prevent yourself from using laced marijuana it is always best to test your drug before using it. This is considered the only way to be 100% sure of what you are buying and using. It is also good to look and smell the drug when you buy it.

Is smoking heroin bad for you?

Heroin itself is a dangerous opioid drug and regardless of the route of administration it has devastating effects on your health and life. Smoking heroin damages your lungs and causes respiratory problems such as pneumonia and bronchitis. Heroin has devastating effects on other organs, such as the heart, kidney and liver. According to many studies, smoking heroin can also cause brain damage.

Can you smoke heroin?

Yes, you can smoke heroin.

In fact, smoking heroin is one of the three main routes of administration. The other two ways of taking heroin is by injecting it or by snorting it. Injecting heroin is considered to be a route of administration where heroin travels immediately from the veins to the brain of the user. Smoking and sniffing heroin don’t produce feelings of euphoric rush as quickly or as intensely as intravenous injection.

But, regardless of the route of administration, you should be aware that heroin can be addictive however you take it.

Smoking heroin questions

Still have questions about smoking heroin? Please leave your questions here. We do our best to respond to all legitimate inquiries with a personal response ASAP.

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